My business partner and I often meet with a lot of small business owners that are struggling to lower their digital marketing spend while increasing their return on investment (ROI).

For a small business owner, return on investment in digital marketing is one of the most significant pain points during the growth stage. At DigitalMates we want to empower business owners like you to have fantastic digital marketing, which delivers instant results. There’s no time to wait or to get it wrong, not to mention the budget for paying a $90K salary (which is the average salary in the industry) for having someone 24/7 looking after your SEO, SEM and marketing funnel.

At DigitalMates we are obsessed with data and analytics, in fact, when you engage us to work on a project, the first part of your onboarding process is access to your Google Analytics. We want to understand your traffic and want to get to know what is behind every organic and paid visit, interpreting this data to implement an action plan that smashes and outranks your competitors.

Marketing has always been something that takes time to build. Digital marketing, even more so. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can be the most challenging form of marketing an online business because there are so many people “In the market” that make promises but don’t deliver the results that business owners need. When done correctly, there is nothing that can beat robust, strong organic search visibility.

Your SEO wins are also your SEM (Search Engine Marketing) wins. Because the better your organic exposure is, the less money, you spend to get paid traffic and customers. For a small business owner that is critical.

Here is an example of one of our clients.

Customer results

As you can see in the picture, e-commerce revenue coming from organic search was low. From June to July 2018 and after analysing the traffic data, we identified essential opportunities to eliminate low-quality traffic and reduced it by -14.97% while at the same time we increased conversion rates and revenue. Clear example of how SEO today is not a traffic but an audience game. The results speak for themselves, in one month, we delivered a 75% increase from organic growth in sales. That’s right, with better qualified traffic we increased organic revenue from $12,656 to $22,191 BOOM MATE!

At DigitalMates we are ready to have you on board and work with you to turbo-charge your digital marketing without breaking the bank.

For small businesses owners, here’s a quick checklist of things that you need to have aligned for a successful SEO strategy.

Mobile, responsive websiteClear call to actionsContent marketing written for each stage of your marketing funnel.
On-page OptimisationLocal SEOQuality backlinks – remember 1 quality link beats 10000 rubbish links.
Off-page OptimisationCase studies, portfolios, reviewsTestimonials to support bottom of funnel strategies.


And we certainly, can help you with that with one of our starter packs