The Rules

Like all mates relationships anywhere in the world, there are rules that we need follow to avoid tears and dramas!

How soon can I get started?

Once you purchase a starter pack you will be asked to complete our on-boarding process. We ask for your website hosting details, WordPress logins, access to Google Analytics and other accounts depending on the pack selected. This doesn’t take very long and will help us both get started on the right foot. 

What's the duration of the Starter Packs?

A starter pack gives you one month with DigitalMates. From our experience thats enough time for us to get to know each other and get your business on track. After the first month, if you decide to continue with us please ask us about our maintenance plans.

What happens after the first month?

We don’t lock you in a contract and you are free to go at any time. However, our clients (mates) decide to stay with us because we deliver results. After your first month and depending on the requirements of your strategy, we can work out a maintainance fee to make sure your WordPress site, your SEO, SEM and E-mail Marketing keeps delivering business growth.

How can I get great value out of this service?

We detected in the market a big need for technical expertise merged with digital marketing. Most of the developers are not great at marketing and the other way around. So we decided to provide the best of both worlds at irresistible prices.

You’re getting more bang for your buck compared to hiring a developer on most of the major outsourcing platforms.

Can I use your service for multiple sites?

DigitalMates are offered on a per-site basis. If you have multiple sites then you would need to buy a package plan for each one and sit back and relax while we handle all your WordPress and digital marketing woes.

I need custom work done can you do that?

Yes! We are digital wizards and can assist in most things online. Send us your details and we will see how we can help you.

Unlimited WordPress Development,

plus SEO + SEM & E-mail marketing packages.