Content Marketing is fundamental to a successful Digital Marketing strategy. A content marketer conducts a lot of research and funnel analysis to create the right messages for your personas and audiences. Is the brain behind your brand voice.

As a small business owner you have to wear many hats. The content marketer one, requires to be familiar with the best trends and practices in SEO, site development, and social media marketing. The role of the Content Marketer requires high level of creativity, project management skills, and attention to detail.

Having a successful content marketing strategy is the goal of any small business that wants to grow. To build solid audiences and acquire new customers must be an everyday activity and without an effective content, there are no chances of getting the right customers.

Content should be delivered strategically and call to actions must have a clear USP (unique selling proposition). When writing content for the top, middle or bottom of a sales funnel, your content needs to speak directly to the customer persona or audience. To understand more about how content and marketing funnels work, take a look at this article I wrote a couple of weeks ago.

Your content marketing strategy must have these goals: to create engagement or increase conversion rates.

Here are a few tips from your DigitalMates:

1. Introduce scarcity into your marketing and on your website:

Limited time offers are a great way to increase sales and are a no-brainer if you are a small business owner playing the e-commerce game.

Phrases like: Only ten days left, Daily or Weekly Deals, Free Shipping Today Only or Countdown clocks may seem a bit cliche, but our A/B testing shows conversion rates are always higher if those strategies implemented. It’s part of human nature to act fast when we feel there may be scarcity and is an excellent strategy for call to actions.

2. Try to be as personal as you can, even if you are delivering the same message to a broad audience.

If you are running a lead generation campaign and producing content like newsletters or webinars, make sure you utilise some level of exclusivity in your copy. Make your audience feel special by delivering personalised messages. The power of words and how they influence the decision-making process is often hugely underestimated.

3. Always produce a conversion driven piece of copy.

Research your customer persona and identify who your target audience is. Base your research on identifying major pain points, their frustrations and try to consider, how they feel and how they think. You can use surveys or pay per response strategies. Always to remember to base everything on factual data and don’t ever base it on assumptions.

A Content marketing strategy requires a lot of time, research and resources to produce…

Always remember to…

  • Be creative establishing your brand identity making sure your audience connects with it.
  • Use content marketing as a point of difference between your competitors and you.
  • Focus in creating long term relationships, set up contact forms to collect leads and use email marketing to keep them connected.
  • Convert more website visitors into leads and sales
  • Support your content strategy with unbeatable SEO and use wisely pay per click advertising.

At DigitalMates we are always helping business owners to improve their current digital marketing and optimise assets to make sure engagement levels are consistently increasing leads or conversions.

And we certainly, can help you with that…